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Lion Review: An emotional journey that everyone should experience!

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Written by Ankkit Siingh

Lion is a film about a remarkable real-world incident that surely seems like a fairy tale. The audience in this movie is taken on a trip to the India of 1986, a time when  amazing technologies that we have come to be surrounded with today, namely social media, smartphones and Google.

The movie revolves around Saroo (Sunny Pawar), who gets lost and accidentally travels more than 1500 kms from his home and ends up on the streets of the city of Calcutta.

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Saroo was born in a poor family and things took a turn for the worse when his father leaves them. Having to fend on their own, it further pushes the family below the poverty line. The mother (Priyanka Bose) has to take up a job as a laborer in a village while Saroo and his older brother Guddu(Abhishek Bharate) try helping her out by doing odd jobs.

One of the first scenes of the movie is the brothers scavenging lumps of coal in order to exchange it for milk.

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The plot of the movie starts to pick up steam when the younger of two brothers is left behind on a railroad station, and he accidentally boards a train that is out of service and it takes him to a city that is alien to him and consists of strangers who speak a language not known to him. This is where begins a journey that is both mesmerizing and a tear-jerker.

Lion tells a story that will resonate with everyone at a personal level. it explores the themes of losing a loved one and finding one’s roots back. Being a true story the Garth Davis (Director) does a really good job at keeping the movie grounded and the emotional scenes don’t at all come across as manipulative. If there is one aspect of the movie that stands tall and makes this an epic worth watching, then it is the simplicity with which the story is told. The movie conveys the wave of emotion moving through the movie beautifully and keeps you engaged through its course of 120 minutes.

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Dev Patel as the older Saroo really manages the transition well into the adult Saroo. As an adult, Saroo is now living a perfectly happy life but the past still haunts him. With the emergence of new technology(Google Earth), Saroo sets his eye to retracing his past. The display of emotions by Dev Patel is very aptly managed.

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Lion is a poignantly beautiful movie that leaves us as the audience in wonder and awe. A story about love, family, and meaning, Lion is a remarkable film that shouldn’t be missed. Lion is now playing in theaters, get the tickets for this movie.

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