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Logan Movie Review: A Deserving End To The Wolverine Saga

Logan Movie review
Written by Archit Chawla

With Logan, Hugh Jackman has bid adieu to the 17 year old movie franchise by playing the character of Wolverine in the X-Men series set up in the Marvel Universe. Since the time we just got into the superhero comics and cartoon shows, X-Men is probably the best amongst all. The story that started with the X-Men in 2000 had a young Hugh Jackman, who has subsequently played this role in 9 films and was all ready to play it for the last time. Director James Mangold has made this movie in such a way that it doesn’t only derive power from the superpowers of these X-Men but from the characters and their emotions of angst, separation and revenge. The only difference that makes the movie stand apart from other superhero flicks is the way the ageing protagonist goes into the battle while they still are fighting their inner demons.

This fine actor has presented himself in the movie as a battling, breathless and tired version of himself mentally and physically both, who is going to die soon in spite of his healing ability. The whole weight of the lost race of Mutants has come on to these two characters and there will be a time you will feel sorry for them. The mutants have died, yes all of them, and Charles Xavier, played by Patrick Stewart, is in his 90’s getting severe headaches and seizures which can be a weapon of mass destruction if used properly. Professor X finds out about a mutant who needs help, just like the previous films of the series and it turns out she’s genetically the progeny of Logan.

There is plenty of bloodshed through the adamantium claws of Wolverine and Laura, the young mutant. That girl has some serious anger issues and is just like her father, at the least genetic one. Logan and Charles Xavier unintentionally become a part of the journey to save Laura from an evil corporation and the trio embark on an adventure which gives the film its crux. It’s fascinating to to see how the sudden relationship between the three plays out and despite the initial resistance from Logan, the trio become an unlikely family.

Hugh Jackman has been a part of some great movies like The Prestige, Les Miserables, Prisoners and has proved his mettle in the past in Hollywood before appearing in his last Wolverine series. For over 17 years, this Australian actor has been a part of this seventh highest grossing movie franchise of all time and with this he has got the final farewell, a well deserving one indeed. You need not be a comic superhero fan to enjoy this incredible movie; watch it for the outstanding performances and the bloodshed blended with the perfect mix of emotions. We strongly suggest you to watch the movie this weekend or maybe in the next week, but do watch it. It’s indeed one of the best movies of the X-Men series, of Hugh Jackman, and of 2017.

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