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Marvel Films To Look Forward To In The Next Two Years

Marvel Films To Look Forward To In The Next Two Years
Written by Chavi Pande

Marvel is without a doubt one of the most successful Hollywood film franchises right now. Marvel Cinematic Universe films have knocked it out of the park over and over again. The biggest one yet was Avengers: Infinity War, which was the culmination of ten years of movies. Even though it has been a few months since it released, fans are still not over what happened in the film. Ant-Man and The Wasp has released since then, to good reviews and box office returns. But if you want more of the superheroes and can’t wait, don’t worry, there are many upcoming Hollywood Marvel movies that are lined up for release. Here are the next MCU films that will be releasing in the next few years:

Captain Marvel

Releasing in March 2019, this will be the next MCU film to come out. This is going to be the first female-led MCU film and the lead is played by Brie Larson, who’s an Oscar-award winning actress. She will be playing Carol Danvers, a U. S. Air Force pilot whose DNA combines with an alien to give her superhuman strength, energy projection, and flight.

Captian Marvel

Avengers 4

Avengers: Infinity War gave us many surprises and left the audiences with even more questions about what happens next, which makes the next Avengers film even more of a must-watch. This Avengers film is going to be even bigger than the previous one and it’s already slated to break even more box office records.

Avengers 4

Spider-Man: Far From Home

This sequel to Spider-Man: Homecoming will be the third Marvel film of 2019, which will release in July. Spider-Man has always been a beloved superhero and there are two other Spider-Man related films coming out this year from Sony Pictures. Venom will be the story of famous Spider-Man villain and Spiderman: Into The Spider Verse shows a world where there is more than one Spider-Man.

Spider-Man: Far From Home

Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 3

After the firing of James Gunn as the director by Disney due to controversial tweets, the future of the film has been a little shaky. While the new directors have yet to be announced, there has been no official statement pushing the release of the film, which is slated to release in 2020.

Guardians of the Galaxy

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