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Nine Lives – A Pet Comedy That Will Make You Fall in Love with Cats

Nine Lives- a pet comedy movie description
Written by Mansi Gupta

If you are a cat lover, you will love Nine Lives. If not, then be prepared to fall in love with them. Director Barry Sonnenfeld’s Nine Lives is a comedy centered around a cat, who is actually a human, inside a cat. What happens when a super-rich businessman finds himself trapped inside the body of a cat which he was going to gift his daughter as a birthday present? This is what Nine Lives is all about.

Nine Lives is about a Tom Brand, played by Kevin Spacey, who is a super rich and successful businessman. He is a dad too, who hardly gives time to his little daughter, Rebecca, played by Malina Weissman. He is a workaholic and his lifestyle has disconnected him from his wife Lara (Jennifer Garner) and daughter Rebecca. Rebecca’s 11th birthday is coming up and Lara asks him not to miss the birthday party this time as he does every year. Rebecca wants a cat as a birthday present from her father but Brand hates cats. But he has no choice this year. So, he finds a mystical pet store where the owner, Felix Perkins (Christopher Walken), presents him with a tomcat named Mr. Fuzzypants. En route to his daughter’s party, Tom has a terrible accident. He goes into coma and his soul is trapped in the body of the cat. Adopted by his own family, he begins to experience his life through a new perspective. In order to return to his family as a husband and father they deserve, Tom will have to learn why he has been placed in this peculiar situation.

Kevin Spacey is a man of immense talent, who has essayed a number of roles throughout his career. But this is one of the most unusual characters he has played till now. It is delightful to see him in a light-hearted comic role. The film’s humour essentially comes from Spacey’s dry wit as he struggles to come to terms with the fact that he is now a cat. You will just love the antics of the cat and Spacey. There are also several adorable moments when Mr. Fuzzypants connects with Rebecca. Mr. Fuzzypants will make you go “aww”. He is so cute. Cats can really be funny! Just watch Nine Lives for cats. You will start loving them more!

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