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Prepare For The New Jumanji Film By The Watching The Old

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Written by Ankkit Siingh

Jumanji is one of those movies that have an amazing repeat value. A ‘children’s movie’ that’s so good that even adults enjoy it equally is very rare has been hard to come by. And, given the fact that the latest Jumanji is just about to release, there was never a better time to revisit the original Jumanji starring the legendary Robin Williams.

Jumanji Movie Banner

Jumanji – starring Robin Williams

The story of the original is crafted with great ingenuity the characters are diverse and struggling with their own fears and showing bravery at the unlikeliest of occasions. Jumanji for some reason continues to be a masterpiece that sets the standard for the genre which no other film has been able to outdo. The story of the film has you hooked and is a simple one that is executed with utter brilliance.

The movie has the main character trapped in an evil board game and the only witness to the whole incidence, a little girl is not believed and is considered a liar and crazy. Released 26 years later, we see the kid as an adult Robin Williams when the game is continued by two orphans. But it doesn’t end there and this is where the real movie begins!

The point being, before watching the old Jumanji in a brand new avatar, why not enjoy the old one, one more time! It will also give you some perspective on the new one given the fact that the new one is being liked by critics all over and has Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

So, gear up for the new Jumanji and what better way to prepare for the new one than by watching the old!

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