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The Best Stunts in Action Movies.

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Action movies make us believe as if the stunts performed by the actor are real. They look dangerous and are choreographed to keep the audience gripped to the scene. Many actors prefer to use stunt doubles. Needless to say, there are actors who desire to do the stunts by themselves. 

Gone are the days when the sound effects and editing was not up to the mark. These days with the stunts are crafted very carefully and professionally. Let’s have a look at a few of the best stunts that have been performed in action movies. 

Police Story (1985)

Let’s start with the godfather of it all, Jackie Chan. In a particular scene from the movie, Jackie volunteered to slide down a pole from several stories. The pole was considerably heated due to the lights covered around it resulting in Chan suffering from second-degree burns, back injury and dislocation in the pelvis during the movie stunts.

The man with the golden gun (1974)

Bond is known for some really dangerous movie stunts. If the crocodile jump annoyed you as an animal lover, here comes the part where the movie-stunt scene was backed by science. The movie had a scene where the 1974 AMC Hornet had to take a full-360 corkscrew to cross a bridge. Researchers at Cornell University did a simulation of the entire stunt to calculate the speed of the car, the elevation of the bridge and the angle required to get the job done. On top, stunt driver “Bumps” Willard nailed it in the first shoot.

Dark Knight Rises (2012)

Director Nolan doesn’t take bogus action scenes, so he made a CIA aircraft get followed by Lockheed C130 Hercules cargo plane which was followed by an off-screen camera crew on a chopper to record the entire action. Sure the action inside the CIA plane was a simulation happening in the studio but the external the action was a pure breathtaking six-minute take in Cairngorm mountain Scotland. Soon as the Cargo the plane is above CIA aircraft, its ramp opens and four movie stuntmen jump off the plane attached to a Cable. They reach around the glider of the CIA aircraft,  jack the tethered cables to it and let the aircraft suspend by the cargo plane only for the aerodynamics to blow the wings. The tail of the plane is banged using an explosive device and the cast inside with the help of stuntmen are evacuated as the cables are released resulting in the remains of the CIA plane go crashing down all the way through. That’s how you start a Batman movie.

These are just few of the many action flicks that have brilliant fight and clash sequences. For anyone who has a special liking for action, the movies that have been mentioned above will definitely not disappoint them. They are bound to keep the viewers glued to their seats and take them on an adventure full of realistic stunts and unbelievable graphics.

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