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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon
Written by Stacey Prince

We all know that violence, a particular kind in films, sell. Action films have their own dedicated fan base who absolutely love to see bloodshed and some high-octane action sequences. One such action genre is Martial art films. Since times immemorial, Martial art films have been doing great commercially and have over the years managed to garner a strong fan base. Here we list down some the all time greatest Martial arts movies that every movie buff should know about and watch, if not watched yet.

Seven Samurai (1954)

This Akira Kurosawa film is a classic that no one should miss watching. A groundbreaking Japanese film, Seven Samurai is about a veteran samurai who along with six other samurais gather to protect a village from bandits. In the process they even teach the villagers how to defend themselves.

Seven Samurai

Enter The Dragon (1973)

A box-office blockbuster of 1073, Enter The Dragon starred Bruce Lee in the lead. Such was the popularity of the actor that Warner Bros agreed to make the movie. Enter The Dragon was the first Hollywood Martial arts movie. Bruce Lee plays the role of a Shaolin master who is recruited by British intelligence to go undercover and investigate a martial arts tournament.

Enter The Dragon

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000)

Ang Lee’s film Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is about a young Chinese warrior who steals a sword from a famed swordsman and escapes. The master choreographer Yuen Woo-Ping beautifully and intricately choreographs all the action sequences and when you watch the film you would know what the hype is all about.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Shaolin Soccer (2001)

There are really not many people who are not familiar with the movie Shaolin Soccer. A young Shaolin follower forms a football team and use their killer martial arts skills while playing the sport. Easily, one of the most talked about film, Shaolin Soccer is packed with intense action but at the same time is high on comedy.

Shaolin Soccer

The Karate Kid (1984)

A truly heartwarming movie. Yes, this martial art movie was definitely intense with amazing karate skills but it was also a feel good film. The character of Mr. Miyagi became insanely popular among the youth after the film and this character still continues to be remembered time and again. The Karate Kid is the story of a young boy named Daniel (Ralph Macchio) who moves from New Jersey to Los Angeles. How Mr. Miyagi (Pat Morita), his apartment janitor teaches him karate and about life through this martial art form is what the film is about.

The Karate Kid

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