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Have You Watch These Top Matthew McConaughey Movies?

Written by Stacey Prince

One of the top actors in Hollywood, Matthew McConaughey has not had a rosy path to stardom. With a number of flops to his credit, Matthew was known most for his good-looks than his acting. The actor completely reinvented himself with movies like Dallas Buyers Club, The Wolf of Wall Street and others. He also won an Oscar which was a dream he couldn’t have thought of earlier in his career. So, if you are wondering what are some of his best movies then here is a list to make it easier for you! Make sure to not miss a single movie.

Interstellar (2014)

Directed by the very talented Christopher Nolan, Interstellar is a must-watch movie. McConaughey plays the role of an engineer who is on a mission to save the world. He delivers an incredible performance in this science-fiction movie.

The Wolf of Wall Street

Martin Scorsese’s 2013 movie received rave reviews from the audience all over. While Leonardo DiCaprio was praised highly for his performance, Matthew McConaughey steals the show in all the scenes he appears. The much-talked about scenes is the one in which he is chest-thumping while humming a tune. This scene was not part of the script but it was added on because of how interesting it looked on camera.

Dallas Buyers Club

Ron Woodroof is probably one of his best characters till date. His portrayal of a homophobe who contracts HIV won him an Oscar.  It was this 2013 movie that Matthew McConaughey started reshaping his film career. Dallas Buyers Club is hands-down one of the best Matthew McConaughey movies to watch.

Dazed and Confused

Directed by Richard Linklater, this 1993 movie also starred actors Ben Affleck and Renee Zellweger among others. This was one of his earliest hits and still considered one his best movies ever.

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