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Will Smith, Joel Edgerton & David Ayer Promote Their Netflix Movie, Bright, in Mumbai

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Written by Poorva Tamhane
Will Smith’s latest movie is a fantasy crime thriller called Bright. What’s different about it however is that the movie will premiere not in theatres but on Netflix on the 22nd of December. The Hollywood icon visited The St. Regis in Mumbai to promote his film along with co-stars Joel Edgerton, Noomi Rapace and director David Ayer.

In the movie, Will Smith plays a Los Angeles Police Department (L.A.P.D.) cop who teams up with the first orc (a fictional humanoid creature akin to a goblin) to become a cop in the movie’s world. The film is essentially a buddy cop movie set in a fantasy world where mythical creatures co-exist alongside humans.

Will Smith explained the thought process behind the movie to IANS saying, “The film has a beautiful idea. This racism and how we treat each other. It is in the film. The elves are at the top most in society and represent the haves, orcs represent the have-nots and humans are in the middle. My character is African-American, who is racist against orcs. The movie is an interesting exploration of how we treat each other. What I love about it is that you are able to see this bizarre world but also real things.”

Bright is not the first science fiction film with messages about discrimination, which the Australian actor Joel Edgerton pointed out at the event saying, “This film is very original, and yet, that originality is the fusion of familiar elements. And it’s also reminiscent of movies like Alien Nation or District 9. And we’re not re-inventing the wheel. We’re just creating a different fusion of elements.”

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Source – ScienceFiction.com

Talking about the movie, Director David Ayer said, “The best moment of the movie for me is always finishing the movie. We work at nights. I love to shoot in the night and the rain.”

Swedish actor Noomi Rapace plays a dark elf seeking control of a mysterious magic wand in the film and is the mega-villain in the movie. She said that one can watch the film over and over again because of its many layers.

Will Smith and Akshay Kumar
Source – Huffington Post

The Hollywood celebrities were hosted by Rannvijay Singh and Bani J. who asked the team to shake a leg for Indian fans who had waited for hours to see them. Will Smith and Rannvijay also did a bit of beatboxing while the others tried to keep up. They interacted with the crowd and took pictures as well.

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