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If You’ve Ever Loved a Dog, You’ll love Watching A Dog’s Purpose

A Dog's Purpose movie review
Written by Mansi Gupta

For a dog lover, A Dog’s Purpose is an absolute must-watch. And others, who have ever loved a dog at least once, would love to watch this adorably cute movie, defining the ultimate purpose of a dog. Directed by Lasse Hallstrom, A Dog’ Purpose is based on the beloved best selling novel by W. Bruce Cameron with the same name. It’s a soulful and emotional story of one devoted dog, Bailey (voiced by Josh Gad), who has to reincarnate as a series of dogs to find the meaning of his own existence and serve his purpose as a dog.

This latest English movie in theatres is the celebration of the canine spirit. The movie literally speaks to the heart of a dog lover. The film is about a dog named Bailey and his human master, Ethan. While growing together and being best friends, they both share a very special relationship. Bailey loves his human so much that he can sense when his master is sad and will do anything to make him happy. As Ethan grows up, he starts dating a girl Hannah (played by Britt Robertson). Bailey also adores Hannah. Ethan spends most of his time with Bailey and Hannah just to avoid his alcoholic father. In a series of violent events one night, things change and Ethan and Bailey’s life takes an unexpected turn. Hannah breaks up with Ethan and goes on to pursue her education in Michigan and Ethan joins an agricultural college. Bailey becomes lonely and he passes away. His soul doesn’t rest in peace because his purpose in life hasn’t yet been fulfilled. And then starts his journey of reincarnation as a series of dogs, until he finds the meaning of his existence and fulfills his purpose as a dog.

This English drama movie resonates well with the audience as far as the character of Bailey is concerned. But the human characters lack charm and ingenuity. The movie scores in its storyline. It is being told in different phases in a dog and their human’s life, which makes it all the more relatable to anyone who’s ever had one. The screenplay, however, could be better.

All said and done, A Dog’s Purpose is a must watch for a dog lover. It tells us that every dog happens for a reason and a purpose which he has to fulfill.

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