Most incredible Houses in Movies.

Movies have always been synonymous with culture and fashion. From wardrobe to the décor of your house, movies have often played an important role. Some of the art in the movies have gone on to become icons for generations to come. Although a lot of movies are filmed at various studios, some of the houses used for filming a movie have taken architectural arts to new dimensions. Let us look at some of the most incredible iconic houses in movies.

  • Scream- For the millennials and other people like this movie was a pioneer of the horror genre that spawned a successful movie franchise. The iconic Sydney Prescott house, located on 1800 Calistoga Road, Santa Rosa, California, is not only available for AirBnB stays but also for fans who can get married there as well.

  • A Christmas Story – No Christmas holidays are ever complete without watching a set of Christmas films, especially the cult classic “A Christmas Story.” The movie follows Ralphie Parker’s nostalgic adventures in his childhood home, which is one of the most incredible houses in Movies. The house where the movie was filmed is a tourist favourite for the fans of the movies. You can not only visit the house but can stay overnight, even in Ralphie’s Room. The house is located on 3159 West 11th street in Cleveland, Ohio and is now called as A Christmas Story House.

  • Bird Box – Bird Box was a monster hit from Netflix. But along with the eerie plot and sinister storyline, it was the house that caught the audience’s attention. The house where this thriller was filmed is located on 304 North Canyon Boulevard Monrovia in California and was flocked by tourists when the movie was in its prime. This incredible house has also been featured in two other thriller movies.

  • Amityville –  One of America’s most infamous haunted houses that have scared and interested generations of people was the base of the movie Amytiville in 1975. This scary house is located on 112 Ocean Avenue in Amityville, New York and is a popular destination for the fans of the supernatural horror genre.

  • Harry Potter movies –  4, Privet Drive, Little Whinging Surrey, is an address that every Harry Potter fan knows. This iconic house of the eponymous wizard is in Surrey in the books. These interior scenes were filmed at Warner Bros. Studio, but the exterior scenes of this legendary house were filmed at 12 Picket Post Close, Bracknell, Berkshire and is a popular destination for all Potterheads.

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