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Interesting Facts about Batla House

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Film’s setup and background

The film Batla House narrates the story of the encounters which occurred post-2008 serial blasts at Delhi. 

This Independence Day release is directed by Nikhil Advani and which casts John Abraham in the lead role. The film focuses on the aftermath of the encounter where the protagonist in the film ACP Sanjay Kumar played by John Abraham tries to prove with all his patriotism and diligence towards India that the encounter under his command wasn’t a fake one while he also struggles with PTSD of his own.

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The Direction at which the filmmakers wanted to move 

The filmmakers show viewers that there are definite answers to the questions asked in this case, but in reality, the case has still many questions unanswered. 

Citing evidence for this, the climax scene in the courtroom shows the prosecution and the defence in a heated argument against a key suspect but at the same time the movie displays a message on the screen that they do not endorse any party’s line of argument. 

Clearly showing the indecisiveness portrayed in the movie while the facts in this particular scenario are crystal clear. Like every other mainstream Bollywood movie based upon a true incident, the makers of this movie give more emphasis over the virtues rather than the facts and events that did occur. One such scene is when the protagonist showcases a victim-against-the-oppressor speech in the favor of a youth who was accused of having involvements in the serial blasts. 

The pace of the film 

As the director is well versed in pitching such movies as he did back in 2013 with the critically acclaimed ‘D-Day, the movie made a great spectacle in the beginning but as the movie progressed, it becomes quite clear that the film was unable to match the greatness of its predecessor

The drama took much more time to unravel the main events of the story.

Contrary to the facts, fiction ruled this movie’s screenplay.

The movie focuses more on the life of the protagonist instead of doling out just the hard real pieces of evidence. The movie has more on ACP Sanjay Kumar’s wife who had problems after the beginning of the trial plus the spotlighting of his PTSD which took more time on the screen than needed.

This movie names Indian Mujahideen as the key conspirators in the serial blasts, but then takes away the investigation off of their trails.

Roles played by the team  

  • One would say that this movie gives John one of his more iconic avatars in Bollywood. 
  • Ritesh Shah’s writing is flawless truth be told, as he unpacks the drama in a great fashion which engrosses the audience.
  • Advani’s fixation over proving a point about why people hate Delhi police eclipsed the actual storyline which disrupted the flow of the movie. 
  • Nora Fatehi’s item song came out at an inappropriate interval.

Final take on this movie

The movie engrosses the viewer with great performances by the cast, a good storyline and a very good first half in all, but fails to do similar justice in the department of closing the act, pacing of the drama and most importantly picturing of facts over fiction.


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