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Interesting Facts about the Movie – Crawl

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The MovieCrawl, is a horror flick that will leave you shivering with fear. The movie is all set to release on July 12. The plot revolves around a crowd of dangerous alligators that threaten the home of Haley and her father, Dave. The incident takes place during the category 5 hurricane. Much to the relief of the audience, the film is not based on a true story. Many interesting facts are surrounding this horror movie.

The movie focuses on how hurricanes and storms set dangerous predators free, risking the lives of many people. In the film, the lead actress, played by Kaya Scodelario, stays back during an evacuation to save her father. A category five hurricane threatens the lives of many people.

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Crawl is a more accurate depiction of savage predator attacks than the movie ‘’Sharknado’’. Alligators entering houses of people does happen during natural disasters. 

The international news channel, CNN, had reported a similar incident where a landlord in Texas had found an alligator in his house. The incident occurred on September 2017 during a flood caused by the hurricane Harvey. Thankfully no one was attacked by the alligator, unlike what is shown in the movie. Local wildlife control officers captured the 10-foot long alligator from the house.

HuffPost had published an article in 2017 stating how ‘’Gatorland’’’ theme park takes strict precautions while preparing for any natural disaster. This park is a home for more than 2000 Alligators.

Although there is a threat of alligator attacks during floods, many people have opposed the idea of a predator entering houses and attacking people. Several people have tweeted on twitter stating that the depictions in the movie are inaccurate and over the top. A twitter user responded saying that the film is slightly insensitive as a Category 5 hurricane causes many troubles to people.

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Hurricanes are a serious matter of concern and frequently occur along the Gulf coast. They are not an occasion for wild predator attacks, as shown in the film Crawl. But anyone who likes disaster- horror movies, this flick is sure to entertain them. 

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