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Laugh out loud : Good News

Written by Prajakta Nagore

Get ready for the laugh riot “Good Newwz” releasing on 27th December 2019. The movie is starring Akshay Kumar, Kareena Kapoor, Kiara Adwani, and Diljit Doshanjh. 

The main agenda of the movie revolves around baby planning with the help of IVF (in-vitro fertilisation) and how the same surname of two couples changes their fate because of sperm mix match.

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Kareena Kapoor (Deepti Batra) and Akshay Kumar (Varun Batra) are high class, the posh couple plan for a baby. But despite several trails, the couple fails for natural conception and go for artificial procedure called IVF. In the hospital, they are told that there has been sperm mix-up due to confusion with the last name of another Batra couple. The character of another “Batra” couple is played by Kiara Advani (Monika Batra) and Diljit Doshanjh (Honey Batra). Monika and Diljit are loud, fun-loving Punjabi couple, which causes a complete clash of sensibilities between them both. However, both Deepti and Monika soon find out that they are pregnant. To know what happened later, one should watch the movie in the theatre and become a part of this laughter riot. 

Director Raj Mehta ensures that the film binds to its genre with several light-hearted and funny moments. Kareena moulds herself perfectly into the character of sophisticated Deepti whereas Kiara gives vibes of a newly married Punjabi girl. 

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Akshay Kumar hits the right spot with his comic performance and Diljit plays as full gusto. As a couple, Kareena and Akshay are perfectly matched in the movie , they play off each other in many scenes. 

Overall, Good Newzz is fun friendly, breezy comedy and a definite watch the movie before ending this year. 

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