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Section 375 Is Here With a Message

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The movie Section 375 is a thrilling courtroom drama depicting lawyers who upkeep the business of law and not justice in the Indian judiciary.

Image result for section 375Ajay Bahl, the director flawlessly displays the present scenario where the law is enforced without considering the moral grounds of imparting justice to the concerned.

The story mainly revolves around four characters, an alleged rape victim Anjali (Meera Chopra), an alleged rapist (Rahul Bhatt) and two lawyers Tarun (Akshay Khanna) and Hiral (Richa Chadda). The courtroom battle among the two presents the stark reality of the Indian judiciary system.

Stellar Direction 

This movie has received critical acclaim for being Ajay Bahl’s best work so far. Section 375 conveys the fact that the final verdict may have been given as per the law and even then it fails to be just.

The director manages to unveil the suspense logically and gradually, keeping the judgment open to debate and interpretation.

His exemplary direction manages to glue the audience to their seats right from the beginning to the end. He is also smart enough to reconstitute the story as per the lawyer’s versions and never told us what happened on the day of the crime.

Ajay Bahl also deserves applause for reproducing such a sensitive subject cutting out on unwanted melodrama within a crisp runtime of 2 hours.Image result for section 375Gripping Screenplay

In spite of the film’s slow narrative, the catchy screenplay by Manish Gupta is enough to hold the audience’s interest throughout. It centers on the loopholes in the rape crimes judiciary procedure in our country.

The subject is relevant in today’s corporate world, where the #MeToo movement is spreading like wildfire.

Top-notch Performances

Akshay Khanna and Richa Chadda stole the show with their compelling characters. This movie will make one realize that Akshay Khanna has always been an underrated actor. 

Akshay Khanna plays the part of Tarun Taneja, the defence lawyer fighting a hopeless case with ease. Richa Chadda plays the role of Hiral, the prosecutor but catches up with her counterpart even though she performed admirably.

The performances of Meera Chopra, Rahul Bhatt, Shriswara, Kritika Desai and Kishor Kadam were authentically impressive.

Background Scores and Music:

Although the movie gives less importance to songs, Clinton Cerejo did an excellent job by filling in the silences with his remarkable background score.Image result for section 375Section 375 is sure to leave everyone baffled about the possible outcome of the case, and it’s entirely up to the viewer on which side to choose. This intense courtroom drama is recommended to everyone who would like to sink into a gripping movie with depth substance.

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