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Ghost In The Shell: Scarlett Johnsson Playing The Cyborg Policewoman

Ghost In The Shell movie trailer
Written by Archit Chawla

These are the times when audiences are more interested to look at fiction work. Whether it be Superhero movies or about time travel or based on some manga or anime, that has become the new thing in town. Everyone is talking about the upcoming Marvel and DC’s movie or talking the latest announcement of a feature film based on the famous anime Death Note. Maybe people have gotten bored with the usual romcoms and action thrillers. They want to get lost in the imaginary world and experience something that no one else would ever think about. It is just the curiosity of the mind which tries to comprehend new things and get attached to such movies and series. To add up to this list comes to another upcoming Hollywood movie ‘Ghost In The Shell’ starring the Hollywood diva Scarlett Johansson!

Ghost in the Shell is based on an iconic franchise spread multiple anime movies, TV shows, manga and video games. It offers a hacker-centric look into the future, where augmentation is inescapable and threats to human life are often conducted through digital and electronic ways, rather than physical. This coming Friday, Japanese creator Masamune Shirow’s classic manga and anime ‘Ghost in the Shell’ is getting a new live-action adaptation, with the lovely Scarlett Johansson as the Major. These series has inspired countless sci-fi movies including The Matrix Trilogy.
Despite its long-running success, Ghost in the Shell was never been turned into a live-action movie and therefore this one was almost inevitable.

The released trailers of the movie have hinted that Major’s transformation was against her will as the new villain says towards the end of the second clip. A newly released extended preview has revealed her first moments as a cyborg before depicting her in action. Then we are shown a jump ahead in time to see the Major fully integrated as a member of Section 9, the intelligence agency, prior to the attack by cybernetic terrorists and freaky robot- geishas. The futuristic cityscape is particularly striking, though it looks a little less convincing but still captures the look of the anime film.

It is to see if this movie will be able to recreate the magic the anime created all around the world. There was also a lot of controversies as critics feel the role of Scarlett Johansson should have been played by some Asian actress to which the actress replied that diversity is important in Hollywood, and she would never want to feel as if she is playing a character that was offensive. So cross our fingers and hope that this upcoming Hollywood movie lives upto the expectations of the fans. And if you haven’t watched the trailer, watch it here.

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