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Puzzle Movie Trailer: Irrfan Khan Doesn’t Disappoint Yet Again!

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Written by Heenal Shah

Starring Kelly Macdonald and Irrfan Khan in pivotal roles, Puzzle premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, 2018 and received critical acclaims. The Hollywood movie was thoroughly well received. Irrfan Khan’s choice of movies in both Hollywood as well as Bollywood seldom disappoint. His performances are as phenomenal and stellar as his movie choices. Yet again, Irrfan Khan is back in a never-seen-before role.

Puzzle sees Kelly Macdonald in a lead role. The movies centres on the life of Agnes (Kelly Macdonald) who lives a dimly exciting as well as mundane life. She thinks there is no purpose to her life until she solves a jigsaw puzzle all by herself for the first time as an adult. With every new puzzle, her desire to solve more puzzles increases. This is when she meets Robert played by Irrfan Khan. Very soon both of them enroll in a competition solving jigsaw puzzles that Agnes’ husband finds to be extremely childish.

The trailer suggests that Irrfan’s Robert is a successful businessman who also seems to be attracted towards Agnes. The trailer also sheds light on the fact that both of them engage in an extra-marital affair stirring trouble in Agnes’ married life. Irrfan Khan looks dynamic as ever. There is a different aura when Irrfan Khan is present on his screen. Similarly this time, he has a very strong screen presence. “Life is messy. There is nothing we can do to control anything,” Irrfan’s character is heard saying in the trailer.

Talking about the film, Irrfan Khan had earlier given a statement saying:

“If you keep doing similar things, you get bored. So it’s better that you find a new subject and find yourself something fresh to keep the journey exciting.”
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