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Star Wars: The Last Zedi Trailer Is Totally Unmissable!

Star Wars - The Last Jedi Trailer
Written by Archit Chawla

The dark and sci-fi world of Star Wars is all set to show us a different story altogether. Disney has come out with the latest trailer of their upcoming movie in the franchise Star Wars: The Last Zedi and has left everyone perturbed. The latest trailer of this Rian Johnson’s upcoming film was launched yesterday and the fans are awestruck and how. We have already seen ample of space odysseys in the year like Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.2, Alien Covenant and Blade Runner 2049, but this one is going to be a notch higher than them. After all it’s Star Wars we are talking about right?

Star Wars - The Last Jedi Official Teaser

There’s a lot to absorb with this new trailer. It is definitely deep than what it looks on the surface. Firstly we have a new look at Rey’s training on Ahch-To with Luke Skywalker, who tells her that he’s only seen power like hers once before. Poe and Finn are there as well, taking on the fight against the First Order, in space and on the ground. We see this scene before we see Rey getting tortured by Supreme Leader Snoke, and asking Kylo- show me my place in all this.

The Last Jedi Teaser - BookMyShow News

When it comes to Star Wars and the spoilers and movie giveaways, the fans are pretty particular about not getting spoiled with the stories and leaks. Sometimes even a small trailer can break the ice and spoil the movie. So to create more excitement and enthu amongst the star wars audience, director Rian Johnson recently warned his followers on Twitter that the hardest of the hardcore fans might want to even avoid watching this clip to preserve all of the film’s surprises.

Star Wars The Last Jedi Trailer Stills

Well, it’s hard to know the real plot of the movie as the trailer ends with Luke Skywalker saying- “This is not going to go the way you think.” Right now it’s quite hard to tell if this is trailer-trickery or actual clues as to how this movie is going to go down. How much of what we see is misdirection that we will see when the movie releases. Till then, take a look at the trailer and quench your thirst for some outrageous space action.

Here is the official teaser:

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