The Current War’s First Trailer Looks Exciting And Intriguing As Hell!

The Current War- Trailer
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Benedict Cumberbatch’s new movie, The Current War just released the first trailer ahead of the Toronto film festival and it looks pretty amazing. Director Alfonso Gomez-Rejon has re-imagined the late 19th-century battle between electricity pioneers Thomas Edison and George Westinghouse to establish their own dominant electrical system. The movie’s trailer is pretty neat and establishes the idea of a great movie perfectly in the audience’s mind. Edison’s electricity rival is played by Michael Shannon and is just cut to cut with Benedict in this upcoming English flick.

The Current War- Benedict

To throw some extra intrigue into the mix, Nicholas Hoult comes at the end of the trailer to play Serbian inventor Nikola Tesla and increases the curiosity to some other levels. The stellar cast of this film also stars Tom Holland and Katherine Waterston which aptly suits the setting. This duo of Benedict and Tom will also be seen next year in the most anticipated Marvel movie, Avengers: Infinity War which is going to be the eye candy of the year.

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Edison is on the verge of creating a marketable and sustainable electricity system for the first time in history and is planning to revolutionize everything around him. On the other hand Westinghouse notices a big big weakness in Edison’s model and this ignites a war of currents between these two rivals leading to one of the biggest discoveries in the history of mankind. The movie deals in the time of the 1880’s and Benedict is just upping his game of acting with this one.

The Current War Edison

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Yet again, Cumberbatch is playing a prickly genius (people who have seen Sherlock, Doctor Strange, and The Imitation Game will get it), but the film tries to temper his attitude by showing that he loves his wife and kids. This highly anticipated period drama is slated to release on November 24, 2017 and is all set to blow the minds of the audience with a unique story and the mind-boggling performances.

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