5 WWE Studios Movies Everyone Should See

Written by Chavi Pande

WWE Studios is a film studio owned by WWE focused on making films starring WWE wrestlers. As you may expect, the main genre of most of these movies is action. But they’ve also made comedies, Christmas movies, and even animated films. Here are five WWE Studios films to get you started:

The Scorpion King

A spin-off from the Mummy franchise starring Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, this action-adventure film was a massive hit at the box office as it earned over 165 million dollars on a budget of around 60 million dollars. It even went on to have three more sequels.

The Marine

This 2005 film was John Cena’s first acting debut. In the film, he plays John Triton, a recently discharged marine whose wife has been kidnapped by diamond thieves and he has to rescue her. Since this film, Cena has established himself as an actor with many good films over the years, with his latest role being in the upcoming Bumblebee film.

Santa’s Little Helper

In this 2015 Christmas movie, The Miz plays a fast-talking businessman named Dax who gets fired from his job and has to enter a competition to become an elf who is Santa’s second-in-command.  


WWE Studios partnered with the renowned horror studio, Blumhouse, to make this 2013 supernatural horror film. Made on a budget of 5 million, it earned over 40 million at the box office and was even shown at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF).

The Rundown

Starring Dwayne Johnson and Sean William Scott – who you may recognize from the American Pie films – this is an action comedy about a tough aspiring chef who is hired to bring a mobster’s son home from the Amazon but gets involved in a treasure hunt along the way.

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