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The 9th Royal Stag Mirchi Music Awards Will Be One Musical Affair

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Written by Ankkit Siingh

Good music has the ability to not only alter your mood but can also help alleviate your energy. And, just like everything that is done exceptionally well, music which manages to touch our lives should be recognized and amply awarded.

The Mirchi Music Awards are held on an annual basis and are conducted by the esteemed radio channel, Radio Mirchi. Mirchi Music Awards are all about honoring the combined effort of both the artistic as well the technical excellence displayed by professionals in the Hindi music industry of India.

If previous years are anything to go by, then the precedent set by the awards only point towards one potential experience; exceptional entertainment. When you have, the very greats being awarded and singing out the songs that you have come to love, then it is nothing but surreal. A surreal experience is what you should go in expecting because the whole event promises to be nothing less.

The awards are given in several different categories. These categories can be divided into two main categories ensuring that none of the corners of artistic brilliance are left in the dark. The whole point of having the awards is to shine the light of recognition on the creatively brilliant minds that bring us the very songs that we have on continuous playback loops on our phones and laptops.

If you are a music lover who thrives on good music then this will be one of the best events in Mumbai for you to attend, as it also has the elements of a Bollywood music concert. If you plan on being there, then get your tickets at the earliest or you might lose out on the chance of being a part of one grand event. To be held on 18th Feb, the 9th Royal Stag Mirchi Awards is where you should be that day.

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