Arijit Singh All Ready To Weave Magic In His Upcoming Concert GenM!

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The month of September has started and so has the time of music concerts. While today we’ll enjoy the famous music DJ duo, The Chainsmokers playing in Delhi, the country is all set to host multiple music concerts in the country. While we await Ed Sheeran playing in Mumbai this November, we would surely want some Desi artist to soothe us in the coming times. And for this wish of our’s, the singing sensation of India Arijit Singh is going to perform live in concert in the month of November

Source – Mid Day

This concert will be making road for hundreds and thousands of young children’s well being and the money will be going for charity. This concert is brought forward in association with Times Of India and will feature the mighty Bollywood singer Arijit Singh. This singer hails from a TV show called Fame Gurukul and has sung over 200 songs in his Bollywood career. Words will not be enough to describe what grandeur this artist enjoys in today’s industry but is surely a musical prodigy with such a big fan following across the country and outside.

Source – Indian Express

GenM is presented by MPower, an on-ground celebration to bring together supporters of the Mpower movement. It’s an initiative of the Aditya Birla Education Trust where any individual, regardless of socioeconomic status, gender, disability, age, religion, caste, or sexual orientation can benefit from their services. They believe that every individual has the right to quality mental health care and the aim is to raise awareness about the movement to stamp out the stigma associated with mental health and creating a larger support system.

Source – Hindustan Times

With these ample of benefits from the concert and the unique opportunity to watch this singer perform live, you can definitely check out the tickets and take your friends along

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