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All about the Bangalore Open Air 2015

Bangalore Open Air 2015 events details
Written by Mansi Gupta

Presented by Infinite Dreams, the Bangalore Open Air 2015, India’s biggest Rock ‘n’ Roll/ Heavy Metal festival is here! Powered by the biggest metal festival in the world, the Wacken Open Air, gear up for some really loud music! Featuring artists and bands from all over the world, prepare for a night full of headbanging. A new benchmark for live music in India, you can be assured that the Bangalore Open Air 2015 will turn out to be one of the biggest and loudest Metal and Rock festivals you don’t want to miss! With the Indian audience warming up to the rock and metal genre Indian Metal bands making International appearances, you have got to make yourself available for this event which is as electric and potent as a live wire! The vibe is set, and the bands cannot wait to bring the skies down!

An event structured purely for the metal-heads in the country, this event has seen big acts like Kreator, Animals as Leaders, Leprous, Dark Tranquility, Iced Earth, Ihsan, Demonic Resurrection, Dying embrace, Bevar Sea among many others! The line up for the 2015 edition at the Bangalore Open Air 2015 is the British band Napalm Death and this will be their debut performance in India. Other bands include Belphegor from Austria, Inquisition from USA and local bands like Undying Inc, Gutslit and Plague Throat. This impressive line-up will have more acts to the list!

While the Bangalore Open Air 2015 is not a crowd-funded event, the organizers are trying to popularize this concept in the Indian markets. This will take a while because every new trend takes a while to seep in, the event will nonetheless be as powerful, and even louder than the earlier editions! The festival looks to associate with brands who have a connection to the heavy metal culture instead of roping in any. While there is huge excitement for the metal event, it is one of the biggest metal festivals in the country. This is enough proof of the fact that metal music is beginning to find its roots in the country and is certainly here to stay. With Desi metal bands going international, we have too much t o be proud of. Time to let that hair down!

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