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The Beatles mania spreads to Mumbai, this time for a cause

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Written by Ankkit Siingh

Are you a Beatles fan? Well, who isn’t? The Beatles redefined an era which in turn redefined music and the way we have come to consume it. The Beatles mania is an ongoing phenomenon, and rightly so. As a band, The Beatles continue to resonate with people from all generations. And, to celebrate the Beatles, The Bootleg Beatles are coming to India.

The Bootleg Beatles is a tribute band that was established in 1980. Since then they have performed over 4000 times, and now they will be performing in India. And, this performance will be for a cause.

A not for profit foundation, Cherish Life India, will be getting us the mega-popular Beatles tribute band to Mumbai.

An event that will enable all Mumbaikars to re-experience the magic of the greats. A nostalgia trip that will leave you in glee.

The allure of the whole event lies in the fact that this is being organized to aid children who come from the underprivileged sections and are battling cancer.

The foundation, Cherished Life, was established in the year 2013. The foundation partnered with Sion Hospital in Mumbai, to help develop a pediatric-hematology-oncology centre with a capacity of 20 beds. This, in turn, has helped hundreds of children who are suffering from cancers like leukemia, lymphoma and other treatable forms of cancer. These children are from all over the country including the state of Maharashtra.

With the latest medical treatment and extensive care made available to these children, they get a fighting chance against the dreaded disease.

With the initiative, Entertainment with a purpose, the foundation aims to raise money that will be used to help children who are fighting cancer.

The Bootleg Beatles Mania event, organized by the Cherish Life India Foundation will be an international music event in Mumbai, aimed to help and raise money for underprivileged children suffering from cancer.

So, come together for an event that enables you and every other Mumbaikar to be swept back into the age of the Beatles, and enjoy the many hits delivered by the English rock band over the years. And, with Bootleg Beatles at the center stage, this is for sure going to be an event that you wouldn’t to miss. An event that brings you the best of English rock and also facilitates aid towards children fighting cancer.

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