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Bengaluru, Get Ready To Rock On The Tunes Of Perfect Stranger

Perfect Stranger band in Bengaluru
Written by Mansi Gupta

One of the leading Progressive rock and Jazz rock bands of India, Perfect Strangers is heading to Bengaluru this Friday. Known for their amazing skills of combining and blending the elements of pop, blues, soul, funk, hard rock, progressive and jazz perfectly, the Perfect Strangers are one of the most versatile Indian rock bands we have. The band will be performing tomorrow night at BlueFrog. If you are into jazz-rock music and happen to be in Bengaluru, this is the gig you should not miss out on!

Playing since 2013, the Perfect Stranger band comprises of 5 members of almost same age group. They have Raphael Emileenaa and Pranav DM as lead vocalists, Debjeet Basu as lead guitarist, Steve Rajan on the Keyboard, Prashanth Gnanamuthu as Bass guitarist and Prenan Pramod Gulvady on the Drums. What is unique about this band is their unique sound, which is the outcome of their well-executed instrumental passages and the multi-part vocal harmonies. The band does not restrict themselves to a particular genre. One minute they are playing jazz-rock and another minute is followed by a peppy Bruno Mars or MJ cover. They are skilled in blending one genre of music into another. Although the band started as a cover band, following Masters like Zeppelin, Deep Purple and Toto, it has now started focusing more on doing their own music – which incidentally happens to craze the audience with progressive rock and jazz flair.

Ever since the band has started playing in Bengaluru and gig stations all over India, they have started gaining a lot of fan following, owing to their unique blend of music. They have performed more than 52 shows across the country. The strong and memorable Guitar riffs, smart and choppy Drumming, Groovy Bass notes, soothing keys and awesome vocals are what that define the band. Every time this young bunch of artists performs on stage, the audience goes crazy and craves more.

Performing at blueFrog this Friday, Perfect Strangers is all set to rock the city with their crazy tunes. This is certainly going to be one big music event in Bengaluru. Fan or not, Perfect Strangers is one such band whose gig you should attend at least once in your lifetime if you are a music lover.

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