Dream Theater All Set To Rock India In coming October!

Dream Theater - Rock Band Live In Mumbai
Written by Archit Chawla

Music fans in India, attention! This is the year that you’ve been waiting for from a really long time. Though the Indian subcontinent is home to some of the best music festivals in the world, this year we had everyone’s favourite Justin Bieber performing, we have The Chainsmokers playing next month, and Ed Sheeran rocking the month of November. To add up to the joy and merriment in the country amongst the music enthusiasts, Dream Theater a progressive metal band, largely famous in the metal clan of the world is coming to India in October.

Dream Theater - Rock Band Tour Mumbai

If you are a fan of progressive music, Dream Theater have been kicking some big butts since their inception and you must lose no time checking them out and listening to their songs again. They are considered to be the vanguards of the genre (progressive metal) and will take you to an unimaginable trip away from the normal music. Hailing from Long Island, New York, the band was founded back in 1986 by Mike Portnoy, John Petrucci, and John Myung. However, Mike Portnoy left the band in 2010 and was replaced by Mike Mangini in 2010. Apart from the founders, the band has two more members: Jordan Rudess and James LaBrie.

Dream Theater @ MMRDA Ground, Mumbai

Dream Theater drives an insane emotion of Revel to most. The audience in the auditorium, the listeners on the radio or YouTube, musicians in the small Neighbourhood Cafe, Dream Theater connects all. And to deepen that bond in India, they’re coming to Mumbai, strengthening that connection and make thousands of dreams come true. As part of their 25th Anniversary World Tour, titled ‘Images, Worlds & Beyond’, Dream Theater is going to perform at the MMRDA grounds on October 8th, 2017. This will mark the legendary band’s Indian debut and will be a stellar moment for all DT fans in India. So if you are all ready for a pumped up event, the tickets are live and well, what are you even waiting for?

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