Electronica of the yesteryear : Prodigy, Chemical Brothers & Fatboy Slim

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Written by Mansi Gupta

When looking back on how electronic music evolved, there are some artists that have always been a favorite. Artists that not only could make us dance the night away, but also inject life into us through their music.

One such artist is The Prodigy. People who still listen to music from the golden-olden times will remember Prodigy’s “Smack My Bitch Up”. A song that created ripples across the World. Not only for the crazy brand of music but also a video that was quite brilliant as well as shocking to say the least. And the best part? Smack My Bitch Up was not their only song that created ripples across. There were songs like Spitfire, Narayana, Breath and many more were hard-hitting songs. Their album – Fat of the land – was epic! Till today, the people who have heard this album admit to being blown away every time they listen to songs. Firestarter is still, by far, one of their most powerful songs till date!

Another artist that comes to mind when we think of these artists is – The Chemical Brothers. Yes, the artists who gave us the brilliant “Hey Boy, Hey Girl”. Yes, there are so many artists that have some brilliant music that puts us into spells of illusions nowadays but nothing really stands up to the might of this song. This song still sends goosebumps every time people listen to it. And who can forget their song – Block Rockin Beats. It was even used on one of MTV’s shows. Very jumpy, trippy song. Something that you must listen, if you have not already.

Another artist of sheer musical brilliance is – Fatboy Slim. His music can render a person speechless. The first time anyone heard “Right Here, Right Now”, all that you would see is a jaw-drop! That song brings back so many memories to a lot of people, even now. The whole theme of the song is supremely catchy. His musical genius didn’t stop there. To add to the list of songs that he has produced – Rockafeller Skank, Ya Mama and many more have shaken people across the World. The grooves and the way Fatboy’s music is written is something that will never die. And never should!

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