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I Hate Being A Celebrity – Arijit Singh

Arijit Singh
Written by Heer Pamnani

Unbelievable yet true that Arijit Singh does not enjoy being a celebrity, he does not own a car and prefers to travel by public transport, he hates giving interviews, and is most averse to the fame and attention that come with his profession.

An admirable voice, truly gifted, Arijit’s magic will make you feel every emotion with it, be it joy, longing, pain or separation. Arijit is the preferred playback singer among top producers, directors and actors. His career’s best songs are Channa Mereya, Phir Le Aaya Dil, Phir Mohabbat, Binte Dil, Nashe si chadh gayi, and Tum hi ho.

After a humble beginning in a reality show which he unfortunately lost, Shankar Mahadevan utilized his voice in some jingles. Upon realizing the competiveness in playback, Arijit took a step back and focused his energies on creating jingles for TV and Ad films.

His first break came with good friend and fellow music composer Mithoon’s hit song ‘Phir Mohabbat’, Arijit made a grand entry in Vishesh Films, his voice was further utilized for the ambitious musical ‘Aashiqui 2’ and the rest is history.

Arijit Singh’s unplugged versions sound better than the original rendition. He innovates with a classical touch, completely changing the treatment of a song. He indulges in conversation with his beloved fans, and makes them sing along.

A leading playback artist, a successful LIVE stage performer, renowned worldwide, Arijit has represented the music of Bollywood in top countries. Arijit dons many hats; he is a qualified documentary film-maker, a movie buff and an NGO frontrunner.

Arijit rewinds time by singing evergreen songs like Lag ja gale, Chandni Raatein and many more to cater to the older audience. This attempt is to pay his respect to iconic singers who have left such gems for several generations to come.

Whenever on stage, Arijit Singh changes his persona to one which is more outgoing and social. He will give a brief introduction on his upcoming song, mention a fun fact or simply begin singing by one of its popular paragraphs.

By the end of his concert, one would be amazed with his punctuality and professionalism. Arijit treats all his LIVE concerts like house-parties, where he plays the host. He will give attention to the remotest corners of the event, and treat everyone equally.

Whether you’re a listener or a fan, once you’ve heard Arijit Singh LIVE, you would be in awe of his art form, his versatility and humility. Arijit is practically in every other Bollywood album, his most recent being Padmavaat and Padman.

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