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Justin Bieber India Concert Itinerary Revealed!

Justin Bieber Purpose India Itinerary - BookMyShow News
Written by Archit Chawla

Justin Bieber India Concert is almost for a close now with less than a week left and the Itinerary has been revealed at last. This canadian pop sensation is coming to India to promote his fourth album Purpose and will be staying in the country for 4 days! His upcoming shows include venues like Chile and Brazil in April; UAE, India and Africa in May; Netherlands, Italy and France in June; England, US and Canada in the subsequent months. Huge lasers, pyros, point to point choreography, that skate ramp of a stage all announce this is a Pop Star Show by one of the best singer in the world. Fans who buy tickets to see Bieber in concert are expecting a massive multimedia production with huge video screens, plenty of pyrotechnics, flying confetti, costume changes, and dancers making the performances worth remembering.

JB India- News
The first day of the visit will involve a lavish dining that will explore the subtleties of the finest Indian cuisines especially from Rajasthan. Traditional gold and silver coated plates are being customized with etchings of the artist and his team’s name embedded on the dinner plates in Devanagari script. Justin Bieber who has publicly announced his love for Indian food will be served rich authentic cuisine representing all the states of India. Adding a touch of lavishness, the overall atmosphere will resemble a majestic palace with flutists and sarangi players raising the fine dining to a divine experience.

Rajasthani Dinner JB

The second day of JB’s visit will involve a tour around the city of Mumbai. Some of the best sights in the city has been chosen which include Gateway of India, Kala Ghoda, Mani Bhavan that showcase the perfect amalgamation of heritage and history. The city tour will be followed by a luxurious Ayurvedic spa session because yes Bieber love massages. A visit to underprivileged areas is also planned apart from a possible big bash being hosted by a leading industrialist and a film star.

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The third day will witness the Purpose Indian Tour Live Concert in D.Y. Patil Stadium, Mumbai which includes the opening session by sensational Alan Walker and some performances by Bollywood stars like Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt, Jacqueline Fernandez and many more. The event will be followed by a private yacht party with some live karaoke singing sessions. The fourth and fifth day will witness a visit to New Delhi, Jaipur and a definite trip to Taj Mahal in Agra! This all seems pretty interesting right? So what are you waiting for.. Catch the BookMyShow Party Bus to Justin Bieber concert and get your passes now to this upcoming event in Mumbai.

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