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Mahindra Blues Festival- The Ultimate Blues Experience

Mahindra Blues Festival information
Written by Ankkit Siingh

The Blues is a genre that has come to be revered by many over the years. A genre detailing the many hardships that a man comes to face and how to showcase strength in the face of adversity.

The whole feel of Blues shouldn’t be mistaken with a genre that is all about adversity. On the contrary, it can be a metaphor for outshining adversity and coming out victorious. But, the Blues’ fans are already aware of this tidbit that many get wrong.

On a global scale, the genre has enjoyed an overwhelming support of its adherents, and The Mahindra Blues Festival is all about showcasing the genre’s best from around the country. The festival is Asia’s largest showcase of the Blues genre and gets you that much closer to the best in the industry.

The lineup for The Mahindra Blues Festival, which will be a mega event in Mumbai, will have the best of the genre which leave all the Blues fans drooling and have you experiencing the true Blues experience. 2017 will be the seventh year for this festival that will have many of the Supersonic Blues Machine feats. Billy F. Gibbons and Eric Gales, Quinn Sullivan, Janiva Magness, Shemekia Copeland and Grainne Duffy Band, along with native talents like Blackstratblues and the winners of The Mahindra Blues Band Hunt 2017.

The festival will be the best place to experience the revered American genre and for a good reason. MBF has been nominated in 2014 for the “Keeping the Blues alive” award. That is a testament to the sincerity of this festival towards the music that the Blues represents.

Scheduled to be held at Mehboob Studios in Mumbai, this is your one-stop destination for everything Blues. So, be there, and don’t have your expectations grounded because you will be witnessing some of the finest that the genre has to offer. An amalgamation of the finest native and global talent, falling in love with the Blues all over again will be on the cards for sure.

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