Sunburn Arena: Dj Snake with Bass Raja Nucleya to tour 3 cities in February!

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Written by Archit Chawla

To make sure that festival loyalists and dance music aficionados have an astounding experience, Sunburn Arena has roped in a Celebrated French DJ and record producer DJ Snake. He has been a major trendsetter from past few years with his tracks like ‘Let Me Love You’ and ‘Turn Down For What’. Also, in the recent times his popularity and tracks have taken a tremendous up and he is all set to turn the Sunburn Arena on fire in this month of love! The performer will be on a city tour to win the hearts of the music fanatics on 17 February in Hyderabad, 18 February in Kolkata and 19 February in Chennai.

He has played all around the world and has made a substantial contribution turning dance and party music to the overwhelming force it is today, for everyone. Sunburn Festival co-presented by Gionee and Renault announced on 20 January 2017 that this prodigious artist will perform at Sunburn Arena multi-city tour from 17-19 February. Another big headline is that DJ Snake will be seen performing along with supportive act by none other than our very own ‘Bass Raja’ Nucleya.

Source – Hindustan Times

If you want to have your chest thumping louder and louder, and you want to dance to the best tunes of this generation, come visit and leave your problems to eternity. We have always believed that music transcends all boundaries and reach hearts no matter which language it is in. The venue of the performances will be announced very soon and we will be the first ones to tell you that. However, there is no indication about shows anywhere in

Mumbai or Delhi (sad face). You Fans from other cities have a bit of traveling in the future, don’t you?If you want to have your chest thumping loud, and dance to the best tunes of this generation, come visit and leave your problems to fade away to eternity. Give Sunburn and Snake a chance to hiss you while rocking to the beats of ‘Bass Rani’. It is a chance to surprise you one more time, keep you ecstatic and longing for more.

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