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Top 5 songs In Fond Memory of Linkin Park Front-man Chester Bennington!

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Written by Archit Chawla

The voice that carried the angst, sorrow and rage in the songs of Linkin Park is no more. Yes you read it right. It is the biggest shock of the decade as Linkin Park introduced all of us to Rap-rock, nu-metal, alternative rock and electronic music who are still in the mid-twenties and left all of us Numb. Getting introduced to all this at once to someone who had appreciated the Backstreet Boys until then was a real life changing moment. And the voice of this american rock band which was introduced to the world in 90’s carried all the emotions through this grunge fanboy like Bennington.

He along with Mike Shinoda were those voices who taught us battling our demons, by letting us scream with them (or at least trying to) and fight our insecurities and fears as we grew through their songs. Bennington went from soft and soulful to deranged beast mode in a matter of seconds and his piercing voice through the woofers was pure magic. From his first album Hybrid Theory in 2000 to his latest single Talking To Myself which released last night, he has been through various ups and downs in his life. Over the years his popularity grew from millions to billions and the vocal beast he is got him two grammy awards also.

Even in his mellower performances of songs like ‘The Little Things Give You Away’, ‘Leave Out All The Rest’ are real tear-jerker if you have the strength to listen to it on a day like this. The voice of this artist may have fallen silent now, for reasons that may remain unknown, but he’s left behind enough ammo in his songs, in his lyrics, to keep us fighting and keep moving ahead in the ahead. We are uncertain how music enthusiasts felt when the lead vocalist of the band Nirvana, Kurt Kobain died back in 1994; but the death of Chester definitely feels like the end of a beautiful era.

He was found dead at his private residence in Palos Verdes Estates in Los Angeles County and is being treated as a suspected suicide. The man who made all of us live through the hard times and hopeless situations, finally surrendered himself to his long fight allegedly against drugs and liquor. In his memory, we remember his all time top 5 songs of Linkin Park and hope that he rests in peace.

#1 In The End- Hybrid Theory (2000)

#2 Numb- Meteora (2003)

#3 What I’ve Done- Minutes To Midnight (2007)

#4 Burn It Down- Living Things (2012)

#5 One More Light- One More Light (2017)

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