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Upcoming Youtube Singing Sensation Vidya Vox – Winning Hearts All Over!

Vidya Vox Youtube Star - Bookmyshow News
Written by Archit Chawla

Youtube covers are the one thing in trend these days and it doesn’t seem to fade soon enough!

Social media has taken over a large part of our daily lives and is consuming our time, by making us watch cute videos of pets and YouTube artists performing covers and mashups of famous songs. These YouTubers have taken up this thing as their profession (yes you read it right), and cover songs from Bollywood and across borders. These are the upcoming stars who are all set to make their identity in the music industry and want to do big when it comes to following their dreams and passion. Whenever you type a name of a song in the search bar, hundreds of different covers pop up in front of us, which are sometimes even better than the original ones and the best example of a rising YouTube sensation is Vidya Vox.

Vidya Vox Youtube Sensation - News

Vidya Iyer a.k.a Vidya Vox for her fans, falls under the same category and is rising to fame not only in India but in many parts of the world. She’s currently learning Hindustani Classical Music and taking Western voice lessons. Vidya performs regularly as a vocalist of the Shankar Tucker Band and has performed in some amazing venues around the world, including the White House, NCPA and Webster Hall. Vidya has also performed at numerous festivals including the Festivals Des Artes in Reunion Island, MERU in the Netherlands and INK Women. Today she has 1.8 mn subscribers and is one of the most successful YouTubers in India. Everyone from the audience has seen her YouTube music videos and are dazzled by her phenomenal voice and her cute looks.

Vidya Iyer - BookMyShow News

Combining songs from both countries is her original way of showing her love for the music and proving her versatility. Describing her music as fusion, her mashups are formed after carefully calculating and experimenting with different kinds of songs. She’s inspired by the works of her favourite artists, Beyonce, A.R. Rahman and Ed Sheeran, but she is also an ardent musician who thinks that her personality shouldn’t get overshadowed by those artists’ fame. We as music enthusiasts love her voice and her unique mashups and would love to see her performing live in Mumbai in the coming months. Here is a list of her top 5 mashup/cover songs for you to check out and fall in love with her sweet and melodious voice.

1- Closer Kabira- Vidya Vox

2- Love Me Like You Do & Hosanna- Vidya Vox

3- Something Just Like This & Channa Mereya- Vidya Vox

4- Diamonds- Vidya Vox

5- Shape Of You & Tu Cheez- Vidya Vox

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