VH1 Supersonic Festival: A Legacy Of Best Dance Music To Continue In Pune This Time!

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Written by Archit Chawla

Yes, you heard it right! The VH1 Supersonic Festival is going to be in Pune and not in our all time favourite destination, Goa. But you peeps, yes you, don’t start panicking yet. Even though Goa is almost synonymous to unrestricted parties, some groundbreaking and breathtaking experience and a place for pilgrimage for tourists who are hell bent for ‘Goa in December’, Pune has much more to offer. Vh1 Supersonic, one of the leading Electronic Dance Music Festival is scheduled for 10-12th February ‘17 and is going to be a greater than life get-together which you would want to relive again and again. Wide-eyes guaranteed.

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Pune is a city that is known for its openness towards the modern influences and thoughts. It is a seamless blend of Indian culture with the western thinking which makes it an ideal destination for our February chilling time. Also, the exorbitant prices of accommodation and travelling will be severely cut down which was a part and parcel of our Goan Decembers. This extravaganza celebrates music that goes on for hours and hours with music lords not only from the nation but all around the globe.

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Supersonic ‘17 is not only going to be a fuel for every party-goer’s dancing desire but will also knock your socks off with the artists that are handpicked unarguably amongst the best in the world. The music concert will feature headliners like Axwell, Nervo, Lost Stories and many more to turn your world upside down and leave you longing for more and more. Vh1 Supersonic Festival has raised a benchmark for all the other festivals in India and is running successfully towards becoming the electronic music mecca of the country. A perfect opportunity rather, to steal smiles with strangers, bonds that will last till you drop dead and experience whimsical madness at its peak.

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Do you think that the festival will be able to carry the goa vibe along with it in Pune this time? Know all by yourself. Vh1 Supersonic Festival Tickets are now available at discounted prices just some finger-taps away. Another reason to drag your ‘tight-fisted friends’ to the festival along with you. So gear up and grab the offer till you can with your gang and #GoSupersonic.

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