Vidya Vox – An Upcoming YouTube Star To Look For!

Vidya Vox or Vidya Iyer is a YouTube sensation who has risen to prominence in past three years and taken the Internet by storm. She grew up listening to American pop songs on the radio, but singing bhajans at home as she is of Indian origins. She is one of the top YouTube cover artists and is pretty good with coming up with mashups of latest Bollywood songs. Combining songs from both countries is her original way of showing her love for music and proving her versatility. Describing her music as fusion, her mashups are formed after carefully calculating and experimenting with different kinds of songs.

She’s inspired by the works of her favourite artists; Beyonce, A.R. Rahman and Ed Sheeran, and wishes to collaborate and work with them. She is a passionate musician who thinks that her personality shouldn’t get shadowed by those artists’ fame and wants to come up with original pieces too. Her plans for the future include an original album, and she is planning to focus more clearly on her sound, and experiment with different artists for more mashups from Bollywood and on a global scale as well. Vidya performs regularly as a vocalist of the Shankar Tucker Band and has performed in some amazing venues around the world, including the White House, NCPA and Webster Hall.

The singer has been getting attention from Bollywood stars like Shah Rukh Khan and Hrithik Roshan for her work lately. And while she’s thankful for the appreciation, she’s looking forward to other collaborations in the future to spread the magic of her voice across the world. Today she has 1.8 mn subscribers and is one of the most successful YouTubers in India. Everyone from the audience has seen her YouTube music videos and has been dazzled by her phenomenal voice and cute looks. While we talk about her recent successes and her future plans, we would suggest you to go through some of her latest hit covers and cross your fingers to see her performing live in India soon.

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