The NCR is one region where events are happening right and left! And, if you are someone who is fond of events, then heading to this place is the logical thing to do. With so much happening in NCR region, it is only logical that we go through some of the events that you can attend there. After all, there is so much that you just might find yourself attending all you can. So, let’s go through the many events to be found in the NCR region.

Paramotoring and Offroading Ever wondered how would it feel to soar the skies like a falcon? Well, what if you were told that now you can! Yes, and that too in the NCR region. Sky Aviation India is where you have to head if adventurous activities are your cup of tea. Activities like paramotoring of a powered para-glider and powered parachute in the air are some of the activities that you can enjoy with them. There is more though! They have ground activities that comprise of offroading of ATVs along with dune buggies.

Adventure Games – The Hidden Hour If thrill entangled with entertainment is what excites you, then the Adventure Games – The Hidden Hour should be on the top of your manifesto. A real life escape game that tests your wits. Teams in this game are locked in a room for a duration of about 60 minutes. The circumstances under which are mysterious to say the least. The objective is quite simple. All that needs to be accomplished is finding hidden objects and solving the many puzzles presented to them. An experience that is fun, thrilling and mysterious. A perfect event to visit with family and friends.

Beyond Bollywood An event that will have you experiencing a treat that is filled with energy and is visually gorgeous. Beyond Bollywood is the perfect showcase of the incredible dance culture that is embedded in our country. You follow the journey of Shaily and Raghav's as they are on the quest to find their true selves. They are trying to turn their dreams into into reality which is beyond the mainstream and it is Beyond Bollywood.

Well, there you go. The above events are great but there is much more that the NCR region has to offer. So, if you are in the mood to explore just head to our website. And, in the process get your favorite event booked.

Written By: Archit Chawla | Post Date: 16 June 2017



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