Bangalore has to be the city of choice when you are talking about events. Even more so when the conversation is about plays. The city is known for coming up with distinctive plays that are very much different than anything to be found in the other cities. In a manner of speaking you are likely to find plays in the city that tell rich and diverse stories about characters to end up caring about. The plays are also from many different genres, so it only adds to the fun element of the whole extravaganza.

Sahyadri Kaanda The plays showcases how the fine balance needs to preserved when it comes to infrastructure development and preservation of nature. The unresolved tug of war between man and nature continues and it refuses to die down. Sahyadri Kanda talks about the ripples that are caused in the life of the people in a village where a nuclear plant is about to be constructed. The play gives you a unique perspective on many of the struggles that goes on between man and nature.

Diary of A Cockroach If something unique and different was on your watch then the Diary of a cockroach is something that you should definitely go for. The play tells a tale of how the the human and the natural world collide from time to time and the result is unexpected and cataclysmic. The desire of humans to control the world and to shape in a manner of their liking sets in motion a series of events that are irreversible. This time nature isn’t having any of the tantrums thrown by humans because it’s furious. The play is surely going to be a very different experience so head for it without thinking twice.

Ladies Compartment A tale that captures perfectly what life is through the eyes of women who come from very diverse worlds. These women include house-maid, a corporate woman, a socialite, a widow and a lady police officer. The events transpire on a night when a Delhi metro comes to a halt and the co passengers find themselves engaged in interesting conversations. This results in a narrative that is not only engaging but is also filled to the brim with with drama, humor and music. The conversations that they have with each other enlight them of their own power and potential.

The above plays are definitely worth a watch and if you are interested in any of the above then you should definitely start booking. If you happen to be in the mood to explore more, then just head to our website and you will find yourself spoiled for choices.

Written By: Ankkit Singh | Post Date: 7 July 2017



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