Hyderabad is a city known for it’s historical heritage, lip smacking food and good educational institutions. When it comes to having the best times, there are a lot of things to do near you apart from following the monotonous and humdrum work routine. Even when the nation is talking about Ed Sheeran’s India concert in winters or the recent defeat of India against West Indies, there are some really interesting events happening in Hyderabad. These upcoming events will be just the right way to make your monsoon from awesome to awe-somer! So while, why not check out these top events near you and take advantage of the opportunity as much as you can.

Dream Valley Resorts Dream Valley Resort is a place where people can come close to nature and experience a connection between the vivid colorfulness of natural flora and their soul. The theme is to provide a weekend getaway for families who spend the week working, and do not have time to relax and rejuvenate themselves for the coming week. Taking forward this legacy and providing more to Hyderabad, the concept of a Resort with a water park was developed on an area of 20 acres at Bakaram Jagir before Chilkur Cross Roads. This project houses a mega water park on an area of 20 acres, surrounded by greenery and good landscaping all around. Do not forget to check this amazing travel event in Hyderabad.
Date: July 04- 30, 2017
Venue:Dream Valley Resorts: Hyderabad

Comedy Spotlight on Raj Bagaria (KOL) Get ready for a side-splitting night of comedy at Hyderabadass Comedy Club! Comedy Spotlights are shows that happen on Saturday Nights at the Club in which we feature a comedian who is either local or from out of town. This week we have Raj Bagaria all the way from Kolkata! Raj likes to think he's the sunshine in his parents life. He juggles between college life and comedy shows always forgetting homework but never punchlines. He perceives bad grades as the sacrifice he makes for what he believes is the greater good, an almost necessary evil. Have a look at this top comedy event in Hyderabad this weekend.
Date: July 08, 2017
Venue: Hyderabadass Comedy Club, Hyderabad.

Basic Photography Outdoor Workshop In this workshop, you are going to learn all the things you see in your DSLR Manual screen and you'll get the perfect ideology on each every setting of DSLR camera. We believe it’s your camera, and you should take control of full features of your DSLR as required according to your objective or the kind of photography you want to do. All photography, all objectives like any moving subjects, still life, low light photography and macro shots, among other scenarios related to focusing techniques will be demonstrated live with your DSLR camera of any manufacture, also different objectives will be discussed after the end of this much talked about workshop in Hyderabad.
Date: July 08- 30, 2017
Venue: Kalyan Cricket Academy and Golkonda Fort, Hyderabad.

Summary: If you are in Hyderabad or in for some amazing time out of your own cities, you need to check out these places to visit in Hyderabad this week. Some amazing events and some exciting venues crafted right for you.

Written By: Archit Chawla | Post Date: 5 July 2017



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