Spiderman Homecoming Review: Another Great Addition To The Marvel Avengers!

Spiderman Homecoming Review: Another Great Addition To The Marvel Avengers!

So finally we got a good take on the friendly neighbourhood Spidey who took away Captain America’s shield in the 2016 movie Captain America: Civil War. Spider-Man Homecoming was anticipated by the Marvel fans since a long time now and this Tom Holland starrer was indeed worth all the hype and wait. This was the third time in almost 15 years that we got to see our favourite web slinging superhero saving the day. We have seen two different versions of Spider-Man in past; oneplayed by Tobey Maguire and second one by Andrew Garfield.

The writers and the director Jon Watts have shown mercy in leaving out speeches on power and responsibility and the backstory of how Peter Parker became Spider-Man. What we get is a novice spidey who is mentored by Iron Man himself, from the team Avengers and is climbing his way up the ladder by hook or by crook. Tom Holland has brought goofiness to this character and has made it genuinely interesting where most of the laughs come from watching him rough and tumble his way through the action.

Though we would say this is not some average Avengers movie where you will get to see some huge collection of explosions and villains talking of world dominance. This is rather an intimate movie where a high school teenager is learning the importance of self confidence and stepping into the shoes of a superhero. More than the villain of the movie, Vulture played by Michael Keaton, he is often see getting troubled by school stuff, bullies, girls and well, even walking (he can’t fly like his mentor Iron Man). The casting of this movie is just great and the cultural diversity in the actors have been amazing, especially in the case of Aunt May played by Marisa Tomei and MJ played by Zendaya.

Marvel has accumulated tremendous power over the years, making these superhero movies. Telling us the backstory of every character, every superhero and how they form a team in order to combat the world threatening villains and saving the world. And also as we have learned from the previous Spider-Man movie, “With great power, comes great responsibility!” They have come up with hits after hits, broke box office records like anything and still keeps us entertained. This is the responsibility they fulfil keeping true to the comic books Stan Lee and Steve Ditko created. Well we would say, there is not a single reason why you shouldn’t watch this movie. So book your tickets now and enjoy one of the finest superhero movies so far in the year!

Written By: Archit Chawla | Post Date: 14 July 2017



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