5 Reasons Why Eight Opening Ceremonies Could Be A Flop!

T20 Cricket League
Written by Archit Chawla

Indian Premier League is the most coveted T20 cricket tournament of the year and is finally here with its 10th season. This league is known worldwide for its rich franchises, prize money and the high bidding amount of the players. Cricketers and the cricketing fraternity gather together for a common purpose i.e. to participate in the this one of a kind tournament. Even though the tournament is a big success, the opening ceremonies have given us quite a show over the last few years. Here in this article, we have compiled a list of top 5 reasons why opening ceremonies should be just restricted to one and can be cut down in order to save time and money.

Cricketers singing and dancing: Worse than the biggest mistakes that the professional performers can make, there is always a chance that some cricketers will do some dancing. We all know cricketers are good at things they are there for, but when one sings and dances, well who would like to see all that glam sham! The game of cricket is already cool enough and audiences want the cricketing action at its best and not the players performing stunts to make the audiences go wow!

Source – Indian Express

Artificially manufactured excitement: Since the time T20 cricket started in England in 2003, it has been brilliant and widely accepted by the cricketing fraternity. But celebs coming and chatting for over an hour and selling the game like a movie, just makes it feel superficial at times. These issues with the presentation of the game come from the fact that the organisers make the idea of some singing and dancing sound exciting to a bunch of people that just want to watch some cricket.

Source – Hindustan Times

Bollywood stars and their unwanted performances: Everyone of us who is a die hard fan of the tournament must have seen Shahid Kapoor singing off tune and the time when he fell of a bike and tripped over his own feet. This year’s opening ceremony had Amy Jackson, Kirti Sanon and Disha Patani there to sizzle the dance floor. But people only remember you when someone goofs up and not when you’re doing okay.

Source – India Today

It’s a cricket tournament, not a concert: Organisers should understand by now that IPL is a cricket tournament and not a concert. Having artists like Chris BrownKaty Perry, Pitbull and Major Lazer sounds like a concert line up, but no, these are the international stars who have performed in the IPL opening ceremonies in the past few years. For sure you can cut down on these extravagant artists and focus more on promoting cricketing talent by setting aside funds for local tournaments.

Source – Indian Express

Too much time and money spent: It is quite evident that we all are crazy for the game and not the alluring multiple opening ceremonies in the tournament. Cricket stadiums are supposed to be the place of play and not a stage to witness dance numbers and motorbike stunts. People who just follow IPL for the cricket dose will be soon overdosed with this beyond the line shams and the commitment will decline due to the extra organisers are selling it to us.

Source – Zee News

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