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India v/s England Test Series: Some Masterclass Performances So Far

India vs England Test Series in 2016
Written by Archit Chawla

With the Indian side topping the ICC Test rankings and with England being at the second spot, cricket fanatics are enjoying every single day of this series. The Indian Players have been sailing smooth and have ascended over the Englishmen in every department of the game. Be it the rock-solid batting, restricted bowling or the tight field set-up, the game on the Indian soil has witnessed some of the best performances by now. No matter what obstacles you put in the way of the Indian team, they prove their worth and emerge victoriously. And they had to, after all it was our Punjabi Munda a.k.a Yuvraj Singh’s wedding in the way. If you are not satisfied with Kohli and rest of the team’s dancing moves, watch them dance through the third match where they are already leading the series 2-0.

The Indian side has indefinitely dominated the major part of the five-match series and now continues to outshine them with some outstanding performances by the young side.

· Ravichandran Ashwin –
After the great show in the previous series against New Zealand where he took 27 wickets in 3 matches, this South Indian spinner has taken 21 wickets and scored 239 runs for his side so far.

· Virat Kohli –
This batting superstar, leading from the front is the leading scorer of the series. He has scored some 400 odd runs in the 4 matches to the moment and has remained unbeaten twice in 6 innings so far.

· Cheteshwar Pujara –
This Rajkot batsman has managed to collect 385 runs overall and is still doing wonders in the running fourth test match. As we are making stories, this guy is playing on the field with his indelible spirit and unmatched confidence and is close to surpassing Kohli.

· Ravindra Jadeja –
This player has shown tremendous improvement in his quality of game over the last 3 years. Now he is considered to be one of the senior players in the squad. He has taken good 14 wickets and scored 148 runs so far.

· Murali Vijay –
Chennai Superkings’ fame Murali Vijay, is currently one of the best test openers we have got and he has been the backbone of the side in all 4 matches with 260 odd runs on his plate. He is surely going to beat the heat this winter season with his offensive game on the field.

The players are in good form and they know how to cover up for their team without giving the opposition any breathing space. This is India and England we are talking about, the clash is not just between the teams, but between the players. We have seen Yuvraj’s six sixes after his clash with Flintoff, so skirmishes and all these shenanigans won’t leave our sight for long. As the 2nd day of the fourth test match has come to end, expectations for the next match have already been set quite elevated. While you watch this fourth test on your television sets, do not forget to book your tickets for India vs England 5th Test Match to experience a different cricket high with star players all around you while it lasts.

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