Virat Kohli Open To Lot Of Questions After The Series Defeat In South Africa

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Written by Archit Chawla

Virat Kohli has been the image of Indian Cricket Team for sometime now and has been in the news since he was named the captain of the Men In Blue across all the playing formats. In the times of despair and in the times of some glorious cricket, this man has always been the center of attraction. Whether it is his recent marriage with Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma or being chosen as the ICC Cricketer of the year, if the team loses, he will have to suffer the the harsh reality all by himself.

It has just been two test matches against the almighty South African team, the team’s morale and line up has shattered to pieces. One might call it “the day was not in our favour”, but a lot of things were out of place. There are various questions about the team’s performance and the selection of players, which Virat Kohli would like to put a leash on.  The questions he should be busy asking himself right now are way tougher than how they would have seemed only a month ago.

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Is this team technically efficient to handle the pressures of Test match cricket in conditions that are foreign and extremely challenging with that kind of bowling attack? Was he being fair to Ajinkya Rahane, India’s most successful overseas Test batsman, by dropping him for both the matches? Should Shikhar Dhawan have been the preferred choice as opener ahead of KL Rahul in Cape Town? Is this present bunch motivated enough to survive on a tour as big as this one?

Well nevertheless, the third and the final test against the South African team starts on January 24th and the team will be playing to refrain from having a 3-0 whitewash. The final squad is yet to get announced and we hope, Virat Kohli does just the right things to stop the African team thrashing ours in the 2018 Test series.

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