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I-League event
Written by Sanjana Sule

When people speak of sports in India, it is often cricket that comes to mind. After all, cricket is an extremely popular sport and an integral part of the country’s social culture. But with all the importance showered on cricket, people tend to forget that there are other sports that are equally popular and adored by the Indian populous. One such happens to be Football.

Many are unaware of the fact that Football is the second most popular sport in our country. The north-eastern parts of India, especially the states of Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Sikkim, Nagaland and even the states of West Bengal, Goa, Kerala and Odisha are gung-ho about Football.

The All India Football Federation has been promoting the sport in our country for quite a while now. It administers the running of the Indian National Football Team as well as controls the I-League. It’s the latter that we’re concerned with today. The I-League, or as it is officially known as the Hero I-League was formed in 2006 with the aim to professionalize the sport of football in our country. The I-League season runs from January to May and is currently gearing up for its new season, which will commence from the seventh of January.

There are many clubs that are a part of the I-League, of which one happens to be the Chennai City Football Club. The club has had a positive streak competing in the local, state, and city tournaments and entering the national stage last year. It was their impeccable performance that granted them a direct-entry spot in the current season of I-League.

With the new season beginning this weekend, the I-League tickets are up for sale and we’re giving you an exclusive opportunity to catch the matches of Chennai City FC live. People of Chennai, if you’re on the lookout for events in Chennai to keep you occupied over the weekend, give the I-League a chance. This sports event will keep you enthralled.

The current season of the I-League promises to be intriguing. With the addition of new teams like Chennai City FC, the competition is bound to heat up. The defending champions Bengaluru FC have a tough road ahead of them if they want to hold on to their title. A road you can witness for yourself by booking your I-League tickets with us.

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