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The Uprising Is Here, Are You Ready To Join In

Adidas Uprising 2.0 in Bengaluru
Written by Prajakta Nagore

There was once an era, bygone now when the streets would erupt with the sounds of boisterous laughter. Kids would be found on street corners, indulging in a game of football or cricket. You’d hear the rings of the bicycle bells, long before you’d see kids zoom past you like the wind. Most days would be spent gallivanting through the streets with your buddies. Nowadays, all the ruckus is replaced by silent heads bent down, busy on their gadgets.

But Adidas promises to change everything and bring back the glory of the old days. Sports events aren’t a rarity, but Adidas Uprising is different. The event kicked off in Bengaluru, and is currently on its last leg as it sets out to hit Mumbai and then Pune.

Men, women, kids, adults; age no bar gender no bar, all are encouraged to take part in the Adidas Uprising 2.0. With a wide range of sports activities for you to choose from, Adidas Uprising promises to be eventful. You can register and take part in Basketball, Cricket, Cycling, Football, Table Tennis, Tennis, and plenty more events. Don’t let anything hold you back from playing the game you love.

Over the weekend you’ll find lots of events in Pune, each catering to different needs. As far as sports events are concerned, Adidas Uprising 2.0 vows to be the biggest celebration of sports that there is. Marathon lovers can rejoice since there’s a 10K run you can participate in. They’re even ready to offer training before the run, to help you get into shape.

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