It's something of a universal truth that antique dolls are some of the scariest things on the planet. Dolls and clowns have been at the forefront since ages and if they don't scare you, nothing can. Yes! They are not just limited to the sleepless nightmares and making you all uncomfortable in thoughts, but also to some insane phobias. This time it’s ‘Lights Out’ director David F. Sandberg working backwards in time as the Dark Universe exhumes itself with a spine-chilling demonic backstory about an eerie doll seen in ‘The Conjuring’, in ‘Annabelle:Creation

.’ It is a prequel to 2014's Annabelle and the fourth film in The Conjuring film series. Unlike other possession sagas, it’s a creep craft with dark rooms, nosy victims and one spooky doll rejuvenating the horror-abode genre, keeping the thrill alive. It might be the damned doll with faintly glowing eyes,filmy skin and crumpled a dress sitting in the background. You will keep staring at it waiting the doll to move on its own which is indeed a clever and enduring gimmick perfectly put through the trailer of this upcoming English horror movie.

In the trailer, Director Sandberg has framed shots manipulating lighting and composition in a way that we constantly search for hints of movements, making scenes of maximum tension.The actors tend to use a soft voice while delivering the dialogues, thus we end up leaning in to catch words, which makes us vulnerable to the sudden jolt that makes us jump. It surely raises goose bumps and thus making the dolls more distrustful as it is filled with plenty of jump scares, dark shadows and horror staples.

Well, will it turn out to be as scary in theatres should be left to the future, but the present trailer looks trembling. The new film may explore the history of the demonic doll and will peep into the history of the doll maker Sam played by Anthony Lapaglia and his wife Esther Mullins played by Miranda Otto who lose their daughter child Annabel in a car killing. The movie is about to hit theatres on 11th of August and hope it caters suspense and scary hunger hunt.

Written By: Archit Chawla | Post Date: 4 Aug 2017



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