If you are acquainted and have this fondness for George RR Martin’s famous show Game Of Thrones, you’ll be surprised to see that Stephen King is not far behind. This man definitely knows how to put twists and turns and dark stuff in the story to grip the audience’s mind and play with their fears. The Dark Tower is a 7 book series by Stephen King and has been made into a movie starring Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey in the lead roles.

While the trailer promises lots of Matrix-style action and floating bullets and superpowered fighting scenes, it also seemed to be entirely different from much of its source material from King’s book. It appears to be largely set in modern New York and told from the perspective of Elba's young co-star played by Tom Taylor. The 95 minute movie version of The Dark Tower series isn't a straight adaptation of the original first book, The Gunslinger, but rather a sequel to the novels which adds up more excitement to the movie and its plot.

This much hyped Hollywood movie tells the story of Roland Deschain played by Idris Elba, Mid-World’s last gunslinger, who is traveling across Mid-World’s post-apocalyptic landscape, searching for The Dark Tower. Located in the fey region of End-World, the Dark Tower is the nexus point of the time-space continuum and the heart of all worlds, but it is also under threat. The Man in Black, Matthew McConaughey’s character is using the evil technology of the Great Old Ones to destroy it. With the fate of the worlds at stake, good and evil will collide in the ultimate battle as only Roland can defend the Tower from the Man in Black.

Without spoiling the end of the seventh and final book in King's original series, this new film appears to be set in an alternative timeline that reimagines specific aspects of Roland's original quest to find the Dark Tower. So if you still think that resurrection and dragons and white walkers are the things to get scared by, do check out this English film’s trailer here. The movie is slated to release on August 04 and we just can’t wait to watch Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey sharing the screen.

Written By: Archit Chawla | Post Date: 20 July 2017



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