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The Best Plays That Will Be Playing At Prithvi Theatre

Prithvi Theatre upcoming plays
Written by Nikita Mehta

Theatre has been an essential part of our culture and the staging of written dramas has fascinated us since time immemorial. Theatre over the period has certainly evolved and continues to do so, but its reach cannot compete with that of films and television.

The theater culture is still alive and breathing and it wouldn’t be far-fetched to acknowledge the role that Prithvi played in keeping it at the forefront of cultural events. With theatre being very much alive and breathing, in this article, we present you with some of the plays that you shouldn’t miss at any cost.

Tpot Production’s – Jannat Central

The play revolves around the life of two girls, J and Nuttyare. Although the girls are different as chalk and cheese, they get along really well. Both of them are struggling in one manner or the other. While one of them is finding it difficult to even accomplish the most mundane of things, the other tries to attain perfection in her dance and get work. Things begin to change when a dance teacher arrives. The play explores the many themes of friendship and the relationship shared by a father and her daughter.

AARAMBH Mumbai Productions – Tunni ki Kahani (Children’s Show)

‘Tunni ki Kikahani’ is about a girl named Tunni, who has an overactive imagination. Using this imagination, Tunni more often than not escapes into the realm of colors using her book as a portal.

And, thus begins a journey where you see Tunni going on adventures where she befriends a lion and challenges the queen of pollution, smoky. Tunni Ki Kahani is a fun filled play that you can take your children to. The play is not only a fun watch but also has something to say about the environment and how we should care about it.

Yatri’s Hum Paanch

Hum Paanch is a play that tells the story of a single mother who nourishes and takes care of her four daughters and the difficulty that comes along the way.

The play delves into the life of this single mother and gives the audience an insight into the beautiful relationship that is shared by the mother and her daughters.

Rangbaaz’s Phir Se Shaadi

What happens when a couple just six months after their talaaq decides to remarry? And, to make matters worse the concept of halala stands in their way? As per the concept, another man is required to remarry the girl and give her talaaq in order for the girl to remarry her previous husband. Thus begins the story of Aiman and Sheeba, where they strive to find someone for Sheeba who will be her husband for the custom but will not fall for her. A fun-fiiled romantic comedy that will surely leave you entertained

Plays are unique as a story-telling medium and the above list is populated with plays that will surely keep you entertained and will also provide you with insight into the many issues that are generally faced by many in our society today.

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