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From Clowns, With Love – Shakespeare Comedy Theatre Festival

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Written by Prajakta Nagore

When William Shakespeare wrote his plays, never in his wildest dreams would he have dreamt that someday, his plays, renowned for their literary excellence, will be performed on stage by a bunch of clowns! But what’s theatre without a little experimentation, right? This is exactly the reason why Rajat Kapoor, a fabled theatre artist and an actor in his own right, came up with the idea of having Shakespearean plays enacted by clowns. This idea, made way for a stage setup like none before.

Not many know that Rajat Kapoor, although having been the brainchild behind this festival, has never really read Shakespeare. The first time he attempted it, he was intimidated by it. “My initial relationship with Shakespeare was that of fear. Like many Indians, I looked at him with fear because of his language,” he says. “I have never really read Shakespeare. It is only through my plays that I’m discovering him,” he adds.

Imagine plays like King Lear, As You Like It, Macbeth and Hamlet being performed by clowns! The festival is on an eleven-city tour and those who have seen the plays can’t stop talking about it. Having ridden over all the initial scepticism , these plays have managed to create a benchmark in the world of theatre. The original humor, the camaraderie between the actors and the way the performers make the audience feel participated only adds more power to the plays. Rajat Kapoor’s brilliant direction along with the perfect balance of tragedy and comedy make these plays unmissable.

Oft the audience might think that in order to watch Shakespearean plays, it is important to have read his books. Well, this is not true at all! You can not only understand these plays but enjoy them too, even if you know nothing at all about Shakespeare or his works. These plays are so well constructed and well directed, that each and every person watching them not only feels involved but well connected too.

So let these bunch of clowns be the reason for your foray in the world of Shakespeare. Let them tell you how entertaining their world truly is and let them be the reason why you have a hearty laugh this week.

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