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NCPA upcoming plays
Written by Ankkit Siingh

If you are in the mood to watch an exciting play, then it is highly likely that NCPA is what comes to your mind. An abode to some of the most enthralling plays in recent times, NCPA is truly your one-stop destination for all things ‘theater’.

Well, NCPA is one of the best play hosting venues and one of the finest theaters in India, but what about the events?
NCPA will hold some fascinating plays in the coming days, and we will be discussing them in this article. So, without further ado let’s get to the events and plays that will be playing in the coming days.
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Directed by Jiji Subi and Vishaal Asrani, this age-old fable would be brought alive on the stage for you. The story of the play revolves around Snow White and Orion, king of the pixies, fairies, elves and goblins. When King Orion comes across a princess lost in the woods, he offers help and then the two set out on a magical journey through a forest that is enchanted and where the fairy tales come to life.

Phir se Shaadi
What happens when a couple wants to remarry six months after the talaaq? That’s the story of Aiman and Sheeba who are stuck in this conundrum. And, in order to get out of it, they take their problem to their godfather, Professor Kamaal Khan. Now, the conundrum that stands in their way is the concept of halala.
According to the concept of halala, another man has to marry Sheeba, consummate the marriage and give her talaaq in order for her to be eligible to marry Aiman again. The great question that needs to be answered now is, who’ll be the husband? This romantic comedy is one of its kind and is a funny struggle of a couple trying to get together after separating.

Pai Paishachi Goshta
A story that tells you about a housewife who recounts the memories of her mother and how she kept accounts and how she herself is keeping it now. She also discusses how this has been now passed on to her daughter and her daughter-in-law. The play captures a journey of four generations from the perspective of a housewife. With the veteran stage actress Ila Bhate portraying the role of the 70-year-old lady, this a power packed performance, and a must watch Marathi Natak.

The Relationship Agreement What happens when you have a relationship built on rules that are set in stone? Rules like what they like, dislike, what they approve of and what they don’t. What does such a state do to a relationship? Well, this couple is going to find it out the hard way. A relationship agreement that you are going to have a fun time witnessing.
NCPA is where you will be heading if the catching the best plays is what you are looking forward to.

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