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Exploring NCR For Events Is Always A Good Idea

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Written by Ankkit Siingh

What better way to describe NCR that calling it the epicenter of events. And this can be said because the number of events happening in the city is staggering. We are not complaining by any means; after all, the more the merrier. For those wondering what kind of events are happening in the city, the only thing that you need to know is that there is something for everyone. Although the sheer volume of events makes it difficult for us to capture all that is happening in the region, we are not going to shy away from covering some of them. So let’s get to it!

Legends of Sufi 2017 – A Series of Sufi Concerts: Satinder Sartaaj Live in Concert Are you in for a series of Sufi concerts? If the answer is yes, then Legends of Sufi 2017 is your ticket to the ultimate sufi experience. It comprises of six Sufi concerts back to back from the month of July to December. This grand series will be with the much talented Sartaj of Sufi music, Satinder Sartaaj. So walk in for a soulful evening with the sensation that has to come to define Sufi music for many of us. Satinder Sartaaj is known for hits like Sai, Jalsa and much more. An evening full of soulful Sufi music awaits you!

The Comedy Parade Becoming a comedian is no easy task and when you do become one. it’s a never ending cycle of being funnier than you were at your last show. But that is what gives the comedians the kick that they are always on the lookout for. This is your chance to witness the best, showcasing their best material. So you get to witness the best two hours of new material by upcoming stand-up artists.

A Group Photography Lesson – Technical Deep Dive in Delhi The Group Photography Lesson is a guided tour hosted via SeekSherpa. The aim of this event is to educate the masses about the basic and quite important elements that come with photography. With Delhi as the backdrop, you can rest assured that you will have the most vivid and culturally important locations as the backdrop! More importantly, it is the technical aspects that help you create the magic. And once you are well versed with the nitty-gritties that much better, you can make the best use of the equipment that you have with you.

In a gist these are the kind of events that you will find in the NCR region and it won’t be a stretch to say these are the events that are unparalleled!

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